Gabtack Construction company is a well-established construction company which specializes in Road Construction, Building Construction, Borehole, and Water Treatment, Roofings, Property Management, and Sales of land.

At Gabtack Construction, excellent workmanship is our hallmark and finishing projects before the anticipated time or duration is our noblest tradition. Our company uses state of the art methods and equipment in the execution of our day to day business dealings to ensure that we buy love and happiness from all prospective clients.


Over the years, Gabtack Construction Company Limited has metamorphosed from handling smaller projects too much more bigger and challenging projects due to our level of exposure and experiences we have acquired in our growing stages. We have grown from handling only roofing, and borehole projects to building houses, mansions, offices, complex apartments and roads of all kinds.


In line with our values, we believe that, there is a direct correlation between a safe working environment and the quality of the finished project. The Health, Safety, Environment of our works leads to the desired quality. In other words, we would not build when it is not safe and we guarantee quality when we are safe. With this in mind, we have put together the most well-structured company by far. We care for the lives of people, the environment, and the quality of your project. As such, we ensure that:

We work safely all the time
We support health and wellbeing
We do business with a high degree of integrity and transparency
We never accept shortcuts
We endeavour to maintain a clean environment for our future generations We always strive to be the best in all that we do.


Our chippings and gravels are the finest quality from the Adeiso gravel and chippings power hub of the Ghana highway authority and urban roads Ghana. The company uses state of the art machinery and equipment like the Rollerc and the finest graders for our road constructions. the company has over the years trained and mastered our machines operations in the usage of the heavy-duty machinery and hence we give excellent finishing. Most of our machines are produced in Italy, Spain, and Germany. thus has been built to withstand our weather conditions and the performance is very overwhelming.

Our buildings have one of the most beautiful and breathtaking finishing in the country so far, we use good and durable cement, like Dangote, and Ghacem only for our construction. Good foreign rods and quality aggregate block mixing ratios that give us nothing but the best materials for our construction. Gabtack Construction aims at becoming a household name when it comes to construction with excellent workmanship. When you contract Gabtack Construction to work for you, be rest assured the only durable materials with relatively competitive prices would be used. Gabtack Construction, excellent workmanship.